Tratamiento del cáncer colorrectal

About Colon Cancer You might peruse this since you or somebody you care about has been determined to have colon malignant growth. Or on the other hand, you might have indications that make you concerned you may have colon malignant growth. Learning as much as you can about the sickness can enable you to feel better arranged to talk with a specialist about your condition and your choices for screening and treatment. COLORECTAL CANCER Aversion, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Colorectal Cancer Colorectal malignant growth is one of the most widely recognized types of disease in the NYC United States. It is likewise one of the most preventable diseases. This is the reason early recognition is so significant. The odds of creating colorectal disease increment with age and can be affected by dietary and smoking propensities. Individuals who are more than 50 years old are bound to create colorectal malignancy. An eating regimen with high measures of red meat (like a hamburger), low fiber, and just modest quantities of products of the soil may likewise be connected to colorectal malignancy. Smoking enormously expands the hazard. Drinking at least one mixed refreshments daily can likewise build the danger of colon malignancy. Individuals who are less physically dynamic are likewise at more serious hazard. Indications  Tragically, colorectal malignant growth is frequently easy such a large number of individuals are ignorant that they have it. Signs and side effects rely upon how best in class the malignant growth is and whether it has spread to different zones, for example, the liver or lungs. In any case, an adjustment in solid discharges, (for example, blockage or looseness of the bowels) or an adjustment in the gauge of your defecations (progressively thin or pencil molded), shows a requirement for testing. Different signs incorporate blood in the stool, tar-like stool, weight reduction, night sweats, weakness, fair skin or palpitations. Screening and Diagnosis Colorectal malignant growth can be identified in various ways, for example, by physical test, blood work and lab tests, or a specific system called a colonoscopy. The doctor can play out a computerized rectal test to search for blood in the stool. Notwithstanding, this can just recognize a little level of colon malignancy. Another approach to distinguish the infection is with a fecal mysterious blood test or FOBT. A modest quantity of stool is sent to the lab with the goal that it very well may be tried to decide if it contains blood. Despite the fact that this test is more precise than the rectal test, it isn’t the most careful approach to test for colorectal malignancy. Outstanding amongst other colons malignant growth screening techniques is the colonoscopy, which is performed by a gastroenterologist or specialist. In this strategy, thin scope with a camera is embedded into the rectum and colon to give pictures that can screen to and delineate indications of colorectal malignant growth, for example, polyps. The upside of this system is that not exclusively would you be able to distinguish the polyps, however you can likewise take a little bit of the colon (called a biopsy) and analyze it under a magnifying lens to search for indications of colorectal malignant growth. Not all polyps are destructive. A biopsy can uncover whether malignancy is available. Treatment  Treatment for colorectal Cancer Treatment Nassau County malignant growth relies upon how cutting-edge the disease is and whether it has spread to different pieces of the body. Treatment incorporates medical procedure to expel tumors. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment are additionally accessible as medicines. At Digestive Medical Care of Long Island, we offer a wide cluster of treatment alternatives relying upon the phase of malignancy and the inclinations of the patient. A devoted group of physicians, surgeons, medical attendants, nutritionists, and other care staff control patients through the whole procedure. Our specialists give different careful choices, including negligibly intrusive medical procedure. Our group of oncologists and radiation oncologists offers a wide exhibit of chemotherapy and radiation treatment medications intended to limit symptoms and improve personal satisfaction for patients and their relatives.